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Metal stands, MDF, glass, mirror, paper (305 × 72 × 32 cm).

Consequences of a (basically) simple choice – A or B, heads or tails – take center stage in The Killing of Jason Todd (2012); only this time it is about life or death. The outcome of the story and the reference point of Andersson’s work are already revealed in the title. In an issue of a four-part special edition of Batman in 1988 titled A Death in the Family, the readers were asked to vote on whether the Joker should succeed in his plan to kill Robin (aka Jason Todd) and his mother, or if he should fail. The democratic poll determined: Jason Todd should die. In an intriguing mix of reality and fiction, the readers actively influenced a fictional story and became the authors themselves. (To accommodate both possible voting results, the publishers of DC Comics commissioned two alternate installments. The other, never-published version shows Batman holding Robin and shouting, “He’s alive! Thank God!”)"

The swedish artist Christian Andersson made this installation using the Eiermann2 table frames. Looks good.

“The Great and Secret Show by Christian Andersson”
Location: Von Bartha Garage, Basel
Photos: Andreas Zimmermann

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